January 1, 2008

The Backstory

I was really hoping to be more on top of things than I have been thus far, but, I figure better late than never!

After trying to conceive for three years, including four months of Western fertility treatments and six months of Eastern fertility treatments, my husband and I came to the wonderful decision to adopt.

I had always felt that I wanted to adopt a child; however, it seemed like a complicated propsal. My husband and I decided to create a family the easy way- by having a biological baby. After discovering the "easy way" wasn't easy for us, we began to consider adoption. We came to the conclusion to adopt while on a hike in the Rocky Mountains by our house. We were on a fall hike all by ourselves when the most beautiful snow began to fall. Joel and I began to talk about the journey that we had been on for the last three years. We both came to the conclusion that adoption was right for us and that that would be the path we'd take to start a family. An enormous weight felt like it had been lifted from my shoulders. It was the most natural and wise decision we ever could have made.

We quickly began to research adoption and decided that domestic adoption was the right choice for us. I have absolutely no tolerance for bureaucracy and I couldn't fathom having my life in the hands of a foreign government. I had read so many stories of adoptions becoming mired in politics and corrupt government and I couldn't fathom going through any more obstacles than we already have.

We attended a few educational classes on domestic infant adoption and settled upon Adoption Options in Denver. This agency really seems to have experience and stature in the community and the field. I was really impressed with their staff and, more importantly, with their philosophy of open adoption and with the care they provide to birth mothers.