March 22, 2008

The Adoption Process

We offically began the adoption process in mid-February. The process was lengthy but not overly intimidating. We began by filling out an application with our personal information and waited to hear back from the agency. We received a call a week later to being the process.

The process includes multiple home visits, meetings and background checks. This can be a long process; however, my husband and I both felt that if we had to determine if someone was fit to care for a child we'd do the exact same thing.

The home visit was the most intimidating aspect of this process. I spent two days cleaning every nook and cranny of our house. I organized every square inch of closet space and worked on my hands and knees in corners that would never even be seen. I wanted to make the best impression possible as we already felt at a disadvantage living in the city. (We'd never want a white-picket fenced suburban home but were worried that that would be the expectation).

The dog got washed and receive an extra-long walk just to make sure that he'd be his perfect doggie self. We wanted to make sure everything was perfect. But not too perfect, I opted for buying cookies instead of baking my own. Through this whole process I've vowed to be authentic and I'm just not a baker.

I was so disappointed that our case worker didn't want to rifle through our closets and drawers! Of course she just wanted to make sure that we had a suitable envirnoment for a child. As a result, any friend who visited our house for a month after the vist had to humor me by looking in my closets. I wasn't about to let all that organization go unshown.

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