April 29, 2010

Life in Photos

I've really missed blogging lately but my life has been jam-packed between work and mommy-hood and I want to soak up every moment I can with Nora.

We were fortunate to have a good friend of ours, Krzysztof, drop by one Saturday morning to help my husband brew. We were particularly fortunate because Krzy is an amazing photographer and happened to bring along his camera. The unfortunate part is that I hadn't showered or really even dressed for the occasion let alone put on makeup. So, please enjoy the lovely photos of my daughter and be kind with my un-showered, un-make-uped shots. Also, I'd like to put in a shameless plug for our friend. If anyone lives in Denver, here's his website: Leaffoto

I thought these photos would serve as a good visual representation of our life over the last few weeks.


  1. Wow, so beautiful to see you all together!

  2. thanks for sharing - you have a beautiful daughter. She looks so content and comfy in her little sling.

  3. I've missed your blogging too!

    These are great! I esp. love the first one where the three of you are on the couch and you're both looking at her...also the one where she's up in the air!


  4. Jen! Those are BEAUTIFUL! I don't see a lack of make-up or a shower - I see a gorgeous family!

  5. OH MY GOSH.. she is SO BIG!! She what happends when I'm out of the loop for a few months?? Oy!

    Lovely photos, Jen.. you have a beautiful family.. HUGS!!