May 8, 2010

Mother's Day

I have so many thoughts swirling around in my head about Mother's Day this year. I remember the feeling of excitement on the Mother's Day when we were first trying to get pregnant and my anticipation of celebrating the next year with a baby of my own. The subsequent Mother's Days during infertility and the adoption wait were always a mix of some glimmer of hope, sadness and frustration. Going to church on Mother's Day felt like the ultimate torture as the church was crammed with families, babies and moms. It was so hard and it took everything in my power for me not to burst into tears being surrounded by so many moms and in many ways being angry at God and the universe for the fact that I too couldn't be a mom.

Mother's Day to me this year seems more exciting than Christmas. I've been waiting so long to celebrate this holiday with a child of my own and I left work on Friday giddy to celebrate with all of the other moms on Sunday. It's such a special holiday to me this year and one that I feel privileged to celebrate for the first time.

My thoughts will be with all of those who are still waiting to celebrate their first Mother's Day. I know what a painful holiday it can be.

Finally, a HUGE congratulations to E on celebrating her first Mother's Day! I've followed E for such a long time and I'm so ecstatic for her to, as she put it, finally be a mom!


  1. Happy Mother's Day to you, Jen! And I'm so happy for E, too -- I've been following her blog for a really long time, too, and couldn't be happier for them :)

  2. BTW, love your picture -- just beautiful!

  3. I hope you have an absolutely terrific Mother's Day. You've earned it :)

  4. Last year we were waiting for a baby that was supposed to be born right after Mother's Day, and my husband asked me if I wanted to celebrate. I said no, because the baby wasn't ours yet, and then it didn't go through anyway. I was hoping we'd have a baby by this Mother's Day, though. I can understand all the joy in finally getting to celebrate.

    Yes, so, so, so excited for E. When I saw that today, I was thrilled. She better post more details soon.

  5. A very happy first mother's day to you! I absolutely LOVE the picture you included in this post! And this was how I learned about E, which is just amazing, perfect news. WOW!



  6. Church was always the hardest for me, too, and there were several weeks that I did leave in tears, and I couldn't go at all on mother's day . . . so it meant so much to finally be able to go and claim my rose this Sunday. I hope your first mother's day was awesome, and how great that you will get to see C and J soon (and they will get to see Nora)