November 9, 2010

Leaving Nora

I have a conference for work this week. I'm leaving this morning and won't be back until Saturday. This will definitely be the longest I've been away from Nora and I'm sort of dreading it. Last March when I attended a conference, Nora was still a baby and I didn't really mind the short break (and sleep!) that I was getting. However, Nora is so much fun now and so aware that I'm not looking forward to being gone for such a long time.

Nora is beginning to walk a bit. She usually takes about 5-6 steps with our encouragement. She thrusts all her weight full steam ahead like a little drunken sailor and usually goes careening into the floor. It's strange to think that she could possibly be walking by the time I return on Saturday. I've seen her first steps and my theory is that when I see it it's the first time- the mantra of a working mom.

I know I'll enjoy the conference and time with colleagues once I'm there. It's just I'll be a little more homesick than usual.


  1. I wish you luck when you are away! I have only been away from Alex (over night) once, and we have on;y had 3 dates. I was just saying that it was not so bad because he was only a few months old, but now it would be so hard to leave him. He does something new everyday, I would hate to miss it. I bet Nora will be over the moon to see you when you come back!

  2. Adorable picture! Good luck with the conference, and hopefully Nora just sleeps the whole time you are gone :)

  3. She is cute as a button! Enjoy your time away, and I'm sure you'll have a sweet reunion :) How do you think Nora will handle the longer separation?