April 18, 2009

Adoption Blogs

I've spent the better portion of the morning reading through as many adoption blogs as I could find. It's challenging at first to find blogs about domestic infant adoption but once you find a few there are usually links to others.

It's so inspiring and amazing to hear the stories of mothers and fathers holding their baby for the first time. I've sat in tears reading through many of these stories. It helps to give me faith that one day that too will be us.

I've added some links to some of the blogs that I've been reading and have enjoyed. As I discover others I'll be sure to add those as well. I'd also love to hear from anyone who has been blogging about their domestic adoption. It is helping to pass the time during my wait and give me hope that there is a baby at the other end of our journey.


  1. Hey Jen!
    Thanks for stopping by our blog! We had a dream story with Vivi! Please add yourself as a follower to mine so I can follow along with your journey off my blog! I have found the blog world to be so very supportive and necessary during the ups and downs of adoption!!

    My best wishes go with you and your family as you wait upon the Lord to bring your child home!

  2. Hi Jen. I'm not an adoption blogger, but I just wanted to drop by, read up on your story, and welcome you to ColoBloggers. Hopefully we'll get an opportunity to meet soon. Looking forward to reading about your journey!