April 11, 2009

Holding Pattern

I think the hardest part about the adoption wait right now is not being able to look ahead and know what will be happening in your immediate future in 3 - 6 months from now. I book events and dates on my calendar at work and always wonder if I will be present at the event or meeting or will I be out on maternity leave. There is certainly no predicting when baby will come so you just move ahead and plan contingencies should you be out.

It is mostly wearing on me at present because I have a serious travel bug and would do anything to leave the country right now. (You aren't able to leave the U.S. until your adoption is finalized which is generally six months post-placement). I'm even reluctant to schedule travel within the U.S. not knowing what the future holds. I do have a trip scheduled in June to Houston. It felt really risky scheduling it months ago but as June swiftly approaches with no call from our agency I think we are certainly in the clear. I figured visiting my sister was the safest bet. Event if we did have baby, if I had the desire to travel with him/her we could always still complete the trip. We'd have a great place to bring baby and lots of help from the new aunt and uncle.

Right now I feel like we are in a holding patter until we know more. We would really like to sell our place and move to a home but we're reluctant to do so until we get baby. I know that our perspective will change once bambino comes into our lives and I'd like to go house hunting when we can look at things through the eyes of a parent. I know that we should be enjoying this time of freedom and fun (says all of our parent friends) but we're ready to get out of the holding patter and forge ahead to this next stage of our lives.

I know once our bambino comes into our lives it will seem like this wait was nothing but right now we are approaching a year and the wait has seemed so long.

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  1. "Holding pattern" is a very appropriate term.

    I'm not sure if rules have changed in the last 8 years, but we were able to get our daughter a passport in our name when she was 3 months old. It took some extra paperwork and proving our status, but we were able to do it.

    I completely understand the travel bug!