March 26, 2009

Number 13

The wait for bambino continues. I haven't update the blog in awhile because I was having a bit of a pity party after our fire drill. That is improving because I truly know that at some point we will have a baby; however, my impatience is beginning to get the best of me.

It seems a little silly to cling to our number on the list since we've already been profiled and selected once but it is nice to have a reminder that we're closer each day to starting our family.

I know that the soon-to-be grandparents are anxiously awaiting bambino. My parents have prepared us with a car seat and Joel's mom knitted us a beautiful organic cotton baby blanket that we truly treasure. Joel's mom has also borrowed all of our Adoptive Families magazines to learn more about adoption and the entire process. We're so fortunate to have such supportive parents who are so eager to welcome bambino home!


  1. Hi Jen,

    I have been watching your blog for a couple of months. I was curious what agency or county you are using. My husband and I just finalized our son's adoption in January. We did foster/adopt through Denver County. Very interesting process and very time consuming. The best of luck to you and your husband.

    DeAnne B

  2. DeAnne-

    Congratulations on your recent adoption! We are working with Adoption Options. They are a nonprofit located in Aurora. Adoption is certaninly a long process. Have you been blogging about your experiences as well?

    Take care,