November 30, 2009

Two Months

Today Nora is a big two month old. Time has gone quickly but also very slowly. It seems like eons ago that we brought her home from the hospital since our lives have changed so much. But, it also feels like she's changing so much each day and time is just slipping away. (Especially as the end of my maternity leave is now on the horizon).

She truly does change so much every day. A few days ago she started grabbing her toes. Today I was grabbing my coffee in the kitchen and heard funny clicking noises and realized that Nora had learned to make clicking noises with her mouth and was entertaining herself. I was a little surprised because we've never made clicking noises with her. (Then again I haven't rolled around on the floor grabbing my toes either). She has so much personality and so much energy. She's a little girl with places to go and things to do. She doesn't like to be held unless she is in the right mood. If she's in an active mood she'll scream if you try to hold her. She doesn't want to be restrained. Of course, when she's eating or sleepy she's fine with cuddling up.

She had her two month check up today and everything checked out. She's quite the charmer with the men and tends to smile more at men and is a real chatty pants. She "talked" through our entire hour long appointment. She's also really a wiggle worm - especially at 3 am when she squirms while I'm changing her and gives me the most endearing smiles. So, in honor of her active little baby self, I'm posting another video (that is sideways and I can't fix) and a photo of her charming her daddy.



  1. Happy 2 month!! She is so cute!!

  2. I know what you mean with the time moving slowly and quickly at the same time. After awhile, the slow part goes away and it just flies by! She is so adorable and I love the new header! (not sure how long you've had that up as I usually read through google reader)

  3. Wow, she is an active little one! Hard to believe two months has already come and gone, but I can tell she's a lot bigger now!

    Such a little sweetheart!


  4. Beautiful picture and video... what a charmer :-)
    Looks like she is ready to go places and do things.

  5. What a beautiful smile she has for her daddy! She really is a wiggle worm in the video lol!! She really has grown and she's so darn cute:)

  6. What a pretty little girl! I just love all the rainbows!

  7. I loved the video---Sophia has the same floor She is a doll!!