September 28, 2008

Setting Up the Crib

We've been waiting awhile to order the Emily crib from Babies R Us but it has been continually out of stock. Joel received an e-mail alert that it was back in stock while we were on vacation and we were able to successfully order it - hurray!

We've had a lot of difficulty with the crib situation and so I was so relieved to find out that one was on the way. I've been in Chicago all week on business and came home to a large box sitting in our office/baby room. The crib has finally found it's way to our home!

Joel and I have had a packed weekend and so we decided to grab dinner and then set-up the crib this evening. I was commenting to Joel how unusual it was that I was helping put the crib together (after enjoying a margarita at dinner to boot). Probably not the usual role of the soon-to-be mom in crib assembly. After figuring out all the nuts and bolts, the crib was successfully assembled.

I finally was able to pull all of our bedding out of the plastic container it had been living in for the past three months. Ordering the bedding was the most exciting part for me. I found a set online that was the perfect mix of everything I was looking for- gender neutral, modern design and that features animals. We decided to make the crib and let all of the bedding off-gas pre-baby. The crib looks great with all of the new bedding!

The room is beginning to look official (as long as you look past the filing cabinet and camping gear that is still looking for a home).

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