July 15, 2009

New House- It's Official!

I'm happy to report that all went great during the closing today and we have both sold and purchased a home. I'm so excited that everything went so smoothly.

The sellers were great and told us about a block party that was coming up in the neighborhood. They said that they were hoping to attend as well as they really love the neighborhood. That was really encouraging to us. We asked them if there were many kids on the block. They began ticking off names of kids and told us all about the Easter egg hunt that usually takes place in front of our house each year. Strangely, the entire west side of the street is only male children and the east side (where we are moving) is all female. It will be interesting to see if that holds true for us too.

It was so great to hear how much they love the neighborhood and their neighbors. We already loved the house so this just made us feel that much better. I can't wait to move in on Sunday!


  1. Congratulations!!!! So glad to hear it all went smoothly .. nothing like hearing wonderful things about your new hood! What a fantastic new chapter!

  2. What a beautiful house! It is always nice to move into a new place and actually like the neighbors :) Congo-rats again!

  3. Congratulations! How exciting!! The neighborhood sounds really great...and the upcoming block party is a great way to meet the neighbors. Wish we had something like that. I still haven't met a few of our neighbors and we've been here 7 months:(

  4. Pretty new house! Thank you for following my blog! :)Alicia