July 21, 2009

Settling In

Today is day three in the new house. The number of boxes are starting to dwindle and everyone is feeling a little more settled. I think even the dog has come to accept that this is his new home (after three homes in the last week). He's really quite the guard dog, which is funny, considering that he is 17 lbs. If no one saw him and just heard the barking it might do the trick.

Our move went really smoothly and I am so incredibly grateful for all of our friends and family who helped to move us in. The move took about an hour and we had everyone hang out for some bbq after the move. It was so nice to look around and feel so supported by our amazing friends and family. It just made me that much more excited to be in the new house and be able to share it with all those close to us.


  1. Hi Jen,
    I saw your blog as I was reading some other adoption blogs, and I had to comment - I am also in Denver and adopting through Adoption Options, and I think we are right below you on the list at #11. I am going to tell Anna to give you my contact info. if you have any interest in meeting IRL. I am looking forward to following your journey!