January 16, 2010

Back to Work Lite

I made it through an intensely busy two weeks of work. Work is going well and I am enjoying being back even though it's exhausting. It's hard to get quality time with Nora as by the time I come home she's pretty grumpy and done. I've really been trying to keep my weekends free to spend time with her but to no avail. I had a child from our hospital pass and attended her funeral last weekend (so horribly sad) and we have an adoption class today. It's hard not to have down-time on the weekends.

Joel is still home on paternity leave. It's so nice to have him home and I consider this to be going-back-to-work lite. We're not both trying to get out the door in the morning with a baby and Nora gets to be at home with her dad. It's really an ideal situation and making my time at work so much easier. I've even been decent about trying to get out the door at work at a somewhat decent time. This time of year it's impossible for me not to work A LOT but I'm doing my best to try to balance everything.

We're going to visit Nora's daycare next Friday so that will be a bit of a reality check. It's a good place and I know it's our best option where we live.

One of Joel's stay-at-home responsibilities is sending me a photo via text each day. So, I've included a highlight from last week. I was in a meeting when I received it and it said: "Daddy bathed me and styled my hair". Too cute!!


  1. It is really hard to balance work with life with a little one, but you'll find your stride eventually. And as Nora gets a little older, hopefully she won't be so crabby in the evenings. It's great that Joel is staying at home with her for awhile. And so great that he sends you text pictures like that one. So cute!

  2. I should do that for Jer! Awesome pic! Sounds like th good life is in full swing with you guys!!

  3. I'm delurking to say that I'm reading along and that I love seeing these glimpses into your lives with Nora.

    She's so beautiful :-)

  4. What a cute picture! That's great that your husband is still on paternity leave...that must make the transition so much easier.

  5. That pic is to DIE for!!

    Working Motherhood is a lot to juggle, but it sounds like you are doing a fabu job. Keep up the good work :)

  6. I'm totally cracking up, that picture is way too cute!!