January 26, 2010


In my job, I am exposed to a lot of very dramatic stories related to children's health. I basically spend most of January and February talking to parents who have been through the worst things that any of us can possibly imagine with their children- brain tumors, SIDS, cancer, open heart surgery and the list goes on. This, under the best of circumstances, can make me a bit crazy.

Being back to work as a new mom and having parents relay to me the worst moments of their life is very intense. I have to constantly remind myself to take a step back. Every story always starts the same, so and so was healthy and then we noticed blah blah blah and then so and so ended up in the hospital with horrible life threatening issue.

So, here is my crazy confession. Nora keeps grabbing her head in the same spot. Every day she grabs her head in the same spot. Crazy mom brain tells me that she has a brain tumor and I should mention it to the doctor tomorrow. Normal, sane Jen tells crazy mom that she clearly is fine and has no other signs of a brain tumor. This is the space I am currently residing. Crazy land.

I will act like a normal human being tomorrow at the doctor. However, I am going to inquire about her obsession with one particular spot on her head without mentioning the word tumor. I will also let the doctor know that I work at a children's hospital which makes me slightly more paranoid and crazy than the general population. Other than that, I'm pretty excited to find out how much she weighs. I am asked how much she weighs more than I would have ever imagined but I just can't bring myself to get on a scale these days. (I think it's karmick punishment for gloating about not having baby weight- see earlier post).

All important stats on my lovely four month old will be posted tomorrow. (Hopefully, the pediatrician doesn't recommend that I find a new practice).


  1. teehee...crazy mom. I freaked out last night when I read that I have to read all the packaging when givng a baby/toddler processed food and make sure it wasn't processed in the same facility that processes tree nuts for fear that the baby will develop food allergies. Oh, and the crib/stroller recalls are making my head spin. Can't wait until the baby is actually here - I'll give your crazy a run for the money!

    Here's hoping the pediatrician will a) Not kick you out of the practice and b) Nora is just discovering her noggin. ;-)

  2. I'm sure any pediatrician is used to many "crazy" questions. Ask away and don't make excuses for wanting to make sure your daughter is okay!

  3. Us mothers worry. We wouldnt be good mothers if we didnt. Looking forward to hearing about her visit!

  4. Baby Mac is obsessed with the same spot on her head too. I think it's just because that's her favorite way to wave her arms around, but I've had those crazy thoughts too. Can't wait to hear the 4 months stats!

  5. Sorry but I am laughing my bum off! Vivi did that repetively for a week so I ran her in. I swore something was wrong. Her Dr basically giggled at me and asked me to try to tape it. Of course she never did it again! Another $25 co-pay down the drain! LOL!

  6. Ummm...I've already called the doctor and spoken to the nurse TWICE since we've been home. That would be 2x in 2 weeks for those of you keeping score...

    I'm convinced I'm overfeeding Nathanael and have spent the better part of the past hour researching formula feeding on the internet.


    And since I put him to sleep in his crib last night, I got out of bed multiple times to make sure he was still breathing.

    I think we're all a bit crazy. And if your ped recommends you find another practice, he/she probably isn't the right doc for you in the first place!!

  7. Great post. I agree with Denise...I'm sure peds are used to sightly "crazy" questions, especially from new moms. I would bring a piece of paper with all your questions written down and ask away! I always write things down because once I get in the Dr's office my brain goes completely blank and then I leave without asking my questions.

    I would go ahead and ask your question and then the doctor will allay your fears and you can put this all to rest and go home relaxed. :o)

  8. Nope, you're not crazy. Or at least, you are not abnormally crazy. Everytime Jeb gets a bruise (which is daily), I'm convinced he has leukemia.

    Can't wait to hear how big she's getting!

  9. Your post made my day. Hope you guys are doing well.