March 6, 2010

Rolling Over

Nora rolled over yesterday - a lot! Once she discovered this new trick she decided to do it over and over. It was really sweet. It's especially funny because she hates tummy time and makes angry cat noises during tummy time but when she rolls herself on to her stomach she doesn't seem to mind at all.

I discovered the great downfall of rolling over this morning when both my husband and I woke up at 4 am and realized that we hadn't heard a peep from Nora and freaked out. She was fine of course. She finally woke up at 5:30 am - hooray- but when I went in there she was on her stomach. I really didn't love seeing that as I'm petrified of SIDS.

She took a little nap this afternoon and I heard her begin to kick around. I left her alone until I heard a cry from her. She was on her stomach with her leg stuck all the way out of the crib between the slats. This seems dangerous and problematic. I was super excited about her rolling over but I don't know if I'm ready for a mobile baby just yet.


  1. Yay for Nora! At the same time, I can see how it would be unsettling to know that she's now moving around in her crib. It's just the start...hang in there as she hits more milestones.

  2. I know. We had the same problem once C. started actively rolling. He's definitely a self-proclaimed tummy sleeper because as soon as he could roll that's what he started doing. We tried to move him back a few times but it was pretty much pointless. He always ends up on his tummy no matter how he starts out. I worry about it too but I'm not really sure what the solution would be, if there were one.

    We've never had a problem with him putting his legs through the slats...I wonder if Nora's was just a fluke occurrence or if she'll keep doing it? The only way I could see solving that problem would be to use bumpers again but that's not a solution either.

    Ohhhh gees, these kiddos! Of course it's wonderful to watch them grow and to experience all the amazing milestones but it's also HARD from the mommy perspective. Maybe ask your pediatrician for recommendations/advice on the tummy sleeping thing next time. Good luck!


  3. Go, Nora! My girlfriends' little girl is also rolling to be a tummy sleeper, but she was told by her pediatrician that once they can willfully put themselves in that position, there is no greater chance for SIDS because they can manuever themselves back out of it. And I have seen that they make mesh bumpers for crips if she continues to stick her legs through the bars.