February 27, 2010

Routine Needed

I've realized that I'm a creature of habit, as most of us probably are, and I've realized that I'm craving some sort of routine. I'm anxious about what our life will be like when Joel goes back to work and what sort of routine we might fall into. I really can't fathom getting three people out of the house in the morning. As anxious as I am about both of us being back to work, I'm also anxious to get settled into a routine.

I'm also feeling pressured to get our lives in order before Joel goes back to work. I'm absolutely exhausted so I took yesterday off of work to get caught up on life and sleep. I spent most of the day with Nora and took a long nap on the couch with her yesterday. I cleaned our bedroom and got some laundry in order. I have a lot more to do today but I feel like I need to capitalize on the few weekends left before our lives get that much crazier with both of us working.

I've been going into work early lately so it will be interesting to see what schedule and rhythm I land on with getting all of us ready, taking Nora to daycare (in the opposite direction of my job) and then going to work. I know everyone else in the world does it so we will be fine. I consider myself a pretty organized person but I think I'm going to have to be even more so as we figure out our new lives.

Nora is 5 months old and I have to remind myself of that a lot. Sometimes I feel overwhelmed or forget how different our lives are but I have to remember that our lives have been changed for only five months. That's a lot of transition in a short amount of time. Of course, I think that our lives have changed for the better but I keep catching myself when making plans to remember that things aren't the way they used to be- and I'm glad for it.


  1. I'm sure you will get it all figured out, but I know I have the same concerns. I have a routine in the morning, and I don't like it when my husband messes with it, and I can't imagine what will happen when we have a baby. I have a feeling that the hubs will be dropping baby at daycare, because his start time at his job is flexible and mine is not.

  2. Good luck figuring out a new routine, but also good luck figuring out how to make a better balance (if that's possible) between your and/or others' expectations of more order in your house or your life, and the reality of chaos with a baby. Easier said than done, I'm sure. Hang in there!

  3. Give yourself time and space to find your groove. It won't happen in the first week, but it will happen. Also, try to schedule in "nothing" time. I've found it to be very helpful if I carve out some time that we are not allowed to give away.

  4. I wish you lots of luck in getting it all together. C. is ten months old and we are still lucky enough to be able to have someone come to us in the mornings. Even with that, routines are the most hectic then.

    It will take some time for you guys but you will figure out how to make it all work smoothly I'm sure.

    I really think the whole first year of life after a baby is challenging. Certainly you get into a groove before that time is up but babies are changing so much of the time that you are always adjusting one thing or another. In our case, things really started to smooth out around the six month mark and it's gotten even better since then. There are still some of those days though. ;)


  5. Good luck figuring out a routine. Just remember, once you figure one out, she will change it all up on you! :)