February 23, 2010

Beautiful Blogger Award

Melba was sweet enough to give me a Beautiful Blogger Award which actually means a lot because her blog was one of the first blogs that I ever began reading. I had the good fortune of finding her blog right before Charlie came home and posted about it here. So, thanks much for the recognition, Melba, as I've really enjoyed following along with your journey. You were one of the few mom blogs I could read during my wait and I'm glad I finally got to join your ranks.

As part of the award I'm now going to list 15 blogs that I think are great. I actually think every blog I follow is great, but here's a list:

1. Lori at Weebles Wobblog
2. Geochick at Adventures of a Dam Engineer
3. Melissa at Our Full Circle
4. Patti at It's Just One Hat
5. E at Waiting for Our Baby
6. Rachel at Barren Woman
7. Laurie at Adoption Creates Families
8. Kelley at From You and Me to Family
9. Ashley at More Than Dog Children
10. Kalibug at A Sibling for Kali
11. Debbie at Always and Forever Family
12. Her Womb Our Hearts
13. H at Confessions of a Waiting Mommy
14. Fishsticks and Fireflies
15. A shameless plug for family (my brother-in-law). If you need a good beer recommendation, this is the blog for you: BarleyVine

Here are seven things about me in no particular order:
1. I just began home brewing with my husband. Our Belgian Pale Ale and IPA will be done in a couple of weeks.
2. I'm a foodie.
3. I love to garden and plan on planting our sugar snap peas in a few weeks and begin our seedlings for fabulously yummy heirloom tomatoes this weekend.
4. I hate to fly and have to load up on Valium and a Bloody Mary to make it from Point A to Point B but I do love to travel.
5. I relocated almost a dozen squirrels from my back yard during my maternity leave (they are tomato thieves). Yes, I am a renaissance woman- home brewing and squirrel relocation.
6. I'm a morning person but must have caffeine before any interaction can take place.
7. I hate going to movies and have a hard time staying awake through them at home.

I have many posts swirling around in my head and hope to have time at the computer again soon.


  1. I'm with you on #6...I love mornings but they need to be calm and quiet before I have caffeine! :)


  2. Wow -- I am honored! Thanks, Jen!

    It must be rough to love to travel but hate to fly. But, as you say, nothing a little Valium can't fix.

    Thank you for including me with such terrific company!

  3. Congrats, Jen! I love reading your blog! I'm totally with you on #7...drives my husband nuts.

  4. Thanks Jen! Our second batch of beer is almost ready for tasting...I'm getting excited...hope yours turns out great.

  5. How sweet are you?! Thank you so much for the honor! I can't wait to read some of the other blogs included on your list.

    And can I tell you how much I love opening your blog and seeing that beautiful baby girl looking back at me?!

  6. Thanks Jen! I'm honored to be on your list.

    Squirrel relocation? They really are tomato thieves. I'm intrigued...

  7. Squirrel relocation was my side project while on maternity leave:). It started with one cage baited with bread and a friend was so impressed by more squirrel capturing prowess that he gave me his cage. I check it multiple times a day and then drive them out to a golf course where they can live a happier life away from my garden. It's astounding the number of squirrels in our neighborhood. I think maternity leave made me even more eccentric than I was before.