June 11, 2010

Girl Day

Tomorrow Nora, my mom, Joel's mom and I are all going to have afternoon tea at a local hotel famous for their traditional tea service (although I usually have the champagne). It's our post-Mother's Day mom outing and I'm really looking forward to a relaxing afternoon with the ladies. It feels like life is coming at me at a million miles an hour and I just can't keep up. Taking a little hiatus and enjoying time with the family will be perfect.

I'll try to be good and post some tea photos tomorrow.


  1. It sounds wonderful, and I know just the place you're talking about, dahling.

    You might even get a perfect moment out of it (hint, hint).

  2. A girl day sounds like exactly what you need! Hope you enjoy!

  3. Ooh I love the tea there (esp with champagne)! Sounds like a great mom event - hope you had a good time!