June 6, 2010

Sickness Round 2

After thinking I was finally in the clear after well over a month and a half of sickness - it began again. Thursday Nora threw up at daycare. Since babies can be a little pukey, I didn't get a call and they thought nothing of it. Thursday evening I fed Nora her brown rice and peas and a half-hour later, she started coughing so violently that she began to gag and projectile vomited peas all over me, herself, our couch, coffee table, rug and everything else in a 5 ft. radius. It was really scary as she was gagging and gasping. I ran to get Joel in the garage with peas all over Nora and I from head to toe and promptly called the after-hours line at her pediatrician. Nora was then sick throughout the night with vomiting and a fever but my biggest concern was her cough which she has had off an on for awhile.

I called the pediatrician's office the moment they opened the next morning and got her the first appointment of the day. I'd already missed three days of work last week before with her last cold so I had my mom come over to watch her and come to the pediatrician's office with me so she could hear what needed to be done for the day. (What a great mom!). I have literally been to the pediatricians office almost once a week and was beginning to feel like an over-the-top paranoid mom. However, my instincts were correct. Nora has bronchitis and is now on a course of amoxicilin. My mom and I finished our appointment when we got home Joel was coming through the door. He went to work and left an hour later with a stomach bug. He went straight to bed and my mom watched Nora and I reluctantly went into work.

I left work a little early to get back and take over for my mom and take care of Nora. I stopped at the grocery store for provisions and laughed at my cart. Everyone else had fixings for a bbq or dinner for the night. I had Pedialyte, infant Motrin, Boudreaux's Butt Paste, chicken soup, Sprite and crackers. Joel and Nora are both slowly on the mend and I'm really ready for an illness free weekend! Fingers crossed for next weekend.


  1. Yikes! I didn't even know babies could get bronchitis. From the first week our kids started daycare, it has been one illness after another. People say the first year is the worst and that it will be better now that the weather is warmer, but I have yet to see the evidence of that. Hope everyone is feeling better soon!

  2. Poor baby!! Poor family! I hope you all feel better soon!

  3. I hope Joel and Nora are feeling better today and that you didn't catch anything!

  4. How scary! Hope that the drugs did all the right things and Nora is back to normal by now (and Joel too).