January 7, 2009

Still at 16

We just received our monthly update from our caseworker. The update this month was a little bit ironic. Usually I contact her to ask our number on the waitlist. This month, I've been extraordinarily busy at work and felt that I'd rather not know our current standing.

There's so much going on for me personally and professionally and so I felt that I'd rather just wait until February for an update. Our caseworker sent me an e-mail this evening to give us an update. The good news, there were 61 placements last year and there have already been quite a few in January already. The bad news, we didn't move at all.

It's hard not to move. It makes the wait seem that much longer. I know it's all somewhat arbitrary anyway, but, moving up makes you feel like you're making some progress toward starting your family.

Joel is very Zen about the whole experience. He's never overly excited if we move up and he's never disappointed if we don't move at all. He feels that our baby is out there waiting for us when the time is right. As much as I'd like to take his lead, Joel and I are not emotional birds-of-a-feather and really, that's a good thing, for everyone.

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