October 14, 2009

Losing the Baby Weight

Joel and I went on a long walk with Nora yesterday as the weather has vastly improved. I was getting extremely stir crazy as we aren't accepting visitors until Friday (we had two weeks of just us to promote attachment) and we can't take Nora into public, especially now that everyone seems to have the flu. So, the walk was great to get out of the house and get some fresh air.

We took a walk through the park and I was commenting on how great the sling was because no one could really touch or see Nora. The sling sits up high enough on me that it would be extremely inappropriate for anyone to try to reach in so we feel like Nora is well protected from germy hands.

We were crossing the street when I commented to Joel that it's sad we can't go in public because I was really looking forward to everyone telling me how great I looked for having such a little baby:). I know, I'm shameless, but I take the compliments where I can get them - deserved or not. We literally set foot on the other side of the street and a woman came up to me and said, "Look at you! Out and about already. Good for you!". She then tried her hardest to see/touch Nora but ended up just patting the underside of the sling. I had such a laugh that I got my "look at you" adoption comment and no one touched my baby. Very productive day!


  1. You must have a great metabolism! *giggle* Nice to know about getting a sling that hides the baby.

  2. Hee hee, I want to take Little Squirt out all over town and hear the same remarks!

  3. Good for you getting out and about....it must be nice to hear those compliments...no one has to know! I may not get those comments because I have been eating enough for two lately! I have to remind myself that while I am "expecting", I may be taking this too far haha. I've heard that there are many pros to using the sling with a newborn...no germy hands is a big one! I look forward to using it in the airport:)

  4. LOL at E's comment and feeling the same way! I just know I will be out with the newly-born, newly adopted baby and someone will assure me that the pg weight will start to come off soon :)