December 10, 2009

Adoptions Gone Wrong

This was just the topic previewed for the Dr. Phil Show tomorrow. (I'm embarrassed to admit that I'm watching Dr. Phil but a girl has to do something while folding laundry).

I'm sure the show will be inflammatory. Just wanted to let the blogosphere know. I'm sure I'll have quite a bit to say tomorrow afternoon or I won't have the energy to care about what Dr. Phil and guests dramatize about adoption. Stay tuned...


  1. stupid comments indeed! Keep objects that would break your t.v. far away from arms reach while watching I think...

  2. I seen the ad to...I will probaly watch...we will see tomorrow. It always has to be drama..nothing positive.

  3. I saw the preview, and even though I WANT to watch it, I know I can't. I'm not on the other side of adoption yet so I'm still very much needing positivity! However, it makes me think that the attorney's didn't do their job, or it was a state where the birth father has no else can something like that happen??

  4. I read this post so I watched the show though I don't usually watch Dr. Phil. I think I feel sick now. What is this guy's deal? I'm curious our take on the show.

  5. I watched it. I think that with the guy who wants to assert his parental rights, there HAS to be something else going on. Why would his supposed girlfriend (where was SHE?) with whom he had a great relationship place their daughter for adoption without his knowledge? I'm thinking there is something else going on there and she was doing what was best for the child.

    And what is up with adoption in Utah? I rarely hear good things about Utah and adoption...strange. I do applaud the "how to do it right" guidelines. We have friends who were scammed, so I understand why we have to do things by the book.

    Anyway...I don't feel sick, but I do think there aren't enough of us out there who have positive adoption experience sharing our stories...