December 8, 2009

Grown Up Car

I made a huge step last night. I'm a person who grows attached to things and doesn't love change (not to mention I'm pretty cheap when it comes to material possessions). I traded in the first car that I purchased with my first "real" job.

My 2000 Volksw.agen Golf has been with me through thick and thin. It's taken me to New Mexico on one tank of gas and enabled me to get a $200+ speeding ticket in Wyoming. (I won't divulge my speed but I will say that car has ZIP, no cruise control and I have a lead foot and a love of speed). I rarely had to think of filling the car up and it was just so much fun to drive. Our relationship became a little more rocky as the car required a little more love than I could give. The back hatch wouldn't stay open in cold weather which I discovered when I got knocked on the head- hard! I think the clutch might be going, the clear bra has begun to make the paint on the hood peel and she just celebrated her 107,000 mile birthday. I'll admit, it had become a bit embarrassing to go to business meetings in this car as one would expect a 20 year old guy and not a professional woman to step out of the driver's seat. However, I loved my car and held on tight. Then, along came Nora.

There were signs that the Golf's days were numbered. I never even attempted to install the car seat in the two door car. I didn't even crack the manual to find out the best position or whether to use the belt or latch system. Joel has been driving it to work and I'd been using his car. I knew for years that I really needed a new car but it's been so nice not having any car payments. However, I really wanted a safe car for Nora and one that handled well in the snow since I drive all over Colorado and Wyoming for meetings. I caved and we made a deal on a new car on Saturday.

I never thought that I would drive a car like this. To me, this car is excessively huge but by most American's standards, it's probably considered a mid-sized SUV. No matter though, Nora will be nice and safe with 7 airbags and a car that handles great in the snow. Even better, when Nora has a sibling they both can fit safely in the new car. Plus, it's so nice to have modern conveniences. (However, I am going to miss the tape deck. Sad I won't be able to play my mixed tapes from high school anymore).

I'm pretty excited to have a new car. (Thank you Toyo.tathon and awesome deals!) I spent all last night reading the owners manual front to back. (I'm meticulous with my cars). I can't wait to install the car seat and take it out in the fresh snow today. I'm such a car lover and SO my father's daughter in that regard. I look forward to another decade long relationship with this car for this new slow-driving, safety-minded period of my life.


  1. I just remembered, did you grab the cassette out of the tape deck? If you didn't, the new owner might be finding themselves with a best of Black Sabbath tape or better - a mixed tape of late eighties/early 90's alternative music titled "Saucy".

  2. love the new ride, I'm sure Nora will too!

  3. I have a RAV4 and LOVE it; I think you'll be very happy with your toyota :)

  4. Jen,

    We went the same route just in preparation for our little one's arrival (that day we don't know yet). We sold Tom's BMW, which definitely fits the need for speed, and purchased a second hand Ford Explorer for the family. It's amazing what we do for even the hope of a little one :-) You'll love the new Toyota and even more as drive Nora safely around town in it.
    God Bless

  5. Woo-hoo, new car! We'll have to get a new one eventually too since the car seat+extended cab Tac.oma probably isn't a great combination. Unless S wants to expand his swearing vocab that is. ;-)

  6. I forgot to mention that I got the newsletter yesterday and saw Nora's name on the "placed" list. It made me smile.

  7. I used to have a golf!! Loved it!!!

  8. We had a Jet.ta (got totalled by a drunk and nearly killed DH on I25-but did her job and kept him alive) and currently have a Pas.sat. They've got some giddy up and go.. so says this lead foot, anyway!

    If you are ever interested in sharing your adoption story on the MomTV show, please let me know! Would love to have you as a guest! :o)