December 23, 2009

New Adoptive Mom

I'm being a little blog crazy today but I just received very happy news. I've been so excited every time one of my bloggy friends has become an adoptive mom but today I found out a friend in real life is on her way to pick up her son with very little warning. It's just so incredible how timing works out since it is a few days after her birthday and a few days before Christmas. I'm so ecstatic that another waiting mom has now officially become a mom. Hooray! I just wanted to share a little bit of hope to all of those out there waiting about how abruptly your wait might come to an end and with such impeccable timing.


  1. That is pretty much the most amazing Christmas blessing ever, congratulations to your friend!!


  2. Congrats to your friend!! Best Christmas present ever!

  3. What an absolutely wonderful Christmas gift!! How exciting. Merry Christmas!