August 18, 2009

Bambino's Story

It's been fun to slowly start telling people that we have been matched. It's a difficult decision to make because, obviously, nothing is definitive. But, I've decided to start to tell people, especially people at work, because I just can't disappear for 3 months and have to have plans in place. (Although disappearing sounds so appealing). I wanted to wait until after we met K and J to gauge the situation and then begin to spread the news.

It's been interesting sharing with people because immediately everyone wants to know all about the birthparents. This is information that we are not sharing because it is bambino's story and not ours to share. I can't tell you the number of times in the last two days that I've said, "I'm sorry, that's not information that we're sharing". I don't resent anyone for asking. I think it's the first place that your brain goes when someone tells you they've been matched. Once I explain to them why we don't share the information they tend to understand immediatley.

It's mostly been hard not to share with my family and sister. I tell my sister everything and it's the first time that I've not shared something with her. Of course, she is great and completely understands.

It's interesting to already feel a protectiveness over bambino before she is even here.


  1. This post touched a chord with me. So far I have been talking about our match only to my mom and to an extent my bro. I catch myself stopping at times wondering if I should be sharing anything at all.

  2. I often wonder how I'll handle the match and disseminating info. Definitely a delicate situation no matter what!

  3. I know what you mean! We have shared Charlie's story with our closest friends and family, but we have explained that we feel there are some parts that are and should be his alone...and that when/if he wants to share those aspects of his story, they will be his to tell. It is interesting to feel so protective of these little people, but it's also a sweet feeling.

    I'm still so happy for you!