August 8, 2009

Sinking In

"The call" is so much more real to me this morning. I realized as I was becoming emotional blow drying my hair that this could be our baby. I realized I unconsciously spend quite a bit of time while blow drying my hair thinking about our situation, parenthood and how life will be different after baby. This morning I caught myself going through a list of names for a baby girl and it sort of hit me that we might really be having a baby in a little over a month. I never allow myself to really think too concretely about baby and the fact that I could allow myself to think about baby names really hit me. I need to pick out a baby name soon for an actual baby that will be here before I know it.


  1. Have fun choosing a name. It is definitely an endeavor :)

  2. I highly recommend having a short list or a definite name chosen :) We were matched from 10/31 ~ 2/10 and when the baby was born, we STILL didn't have a short list. We scrambled to come up with a short list and then it took us days to choose a name from the list! Have fun!