September 20, 2009


Now that we are five days from the due date I'm finally starting to nest. I spent several hours at Bab.ies R U.s yesterday adding the essentials to my cart and creating a new registry. I'm sure the woman at the counter thought I was crazy when I told her I wanted her to delete my old registry and that I'm starting all over and my due date is Thursday*.

We registered over a year ago so half the products probably aren't even relevant anymore and we ended up getting so overwhelmed we just started adding clothes to the registry. Not the best strategy but it did help us cope. So, it was nice to start fresh.

A co-worker generously gave me many of her baby items including a fantastic stroller and Pack and Play and then was kind enough to accompany me to the store to help decipher essentials from good marketing. I've decided that whoever laid out the floor plan at Ba.bies R Us either has no organizational skills or is a complete genius. You think you're in the sheet aisle and buy the expensive sheets (since most people move in a certain flow through a store) and then you turn a corner two aisles away and - more sheets - but much less expensive. Genius!

I then went to a local store The Giggling Green Bean and had a crash course on cloth diapering. I promptly went home and washed the diapers the requisite three times before wear (although more was recommended on some sites). It felt like baby boot camp doing so many successive loads of diapers back to back but it also made if feel so much more real.

This morning I did my best to overcome my fear of this match falling through at the last minute. I removed the tags from all of the baby items that I have purchased and decided to launder them prior to baby. I even, with great hesitation, removed the tags from the gender specific items and the "I love mom" and "I love dad" super cute onesies and added them to the mix. This was a huge leap of faith for me and they are in the washer at this very moment.

*(There is actually great benefit in this for all you adoptive moms who procrastinate- since your 10% off of your remaining registry items coupon won't arrive on time they give it to you that day so I got 10% off of everything I bought THAT DAY! I consider it the adoptive mom discount).


  1. Jen,
    Your post was so funny. I will remember the 10% off that day. I am so excited for you and your husband. You have been very busy preparing, or you are right nesting!!!

  2. I hope these 5 days fly by :) Happy nesting!

  3. Yay, Jen!! What a great post...I'm so excited for you. If pulling the tags off and laundering all of the clothes isn't positive thinking, then I don't know what is! I can't wait to go to BRU and do all of that. The day is almost here!!! Crossing my fingers for you that all goes smoothly. Enjoy:)

  4. That is so cool you are doing cloth diapers! You might also want to check out G Diapers - they are compostable and you just by the inserts - the covers can be washed and reused.

    (Just because as it turns out cloth diapers are an enormous pain unless you have a service ;)

    - L

  5. Thursday is SO close!!! Can't wait to hear the news. You're definitely doing some major nesting! I remember having similar feelings washing all of our clothes and just hoping I wasn't jinxing everything.

  6. How was the crash course at the GGB? Good luck this week - I'm sure the next few days will be pretty anxious. No jinxing!

  7. Act as if!

    I can only imagine the trepidation at the back of your throat on this one. Well, actually, I remember when I was told at 36 weeks that I was being induced in 7 days I panicked and thought I AM NOT READY FOR THIS. Nursery was ready. I wasn't. And with some of the complications we encountered, we had no idea if we'd be bringing her home right away or at all. Luck and grace were with us, and with her.

    I am holding you and Joel in my thoughts this week, wishing luck and grace to be with you, and with the baby, and with her birthparents.

  8. Great post, both funny and touching! I am glad you are nesting, and I think it's great to let yourself experience the excitement. I can't wait to see pictures of the little one in all her new, clean clothes! Also, love the name!

  9. Hi Denver Jen. I was looking for your e-mail but couldn't find a link. I wanted to ask you some cloth diaper & formula questions. Basically, which ones are you using?

    My husband & I have been foster licensed & homestudy approved for 10 months with no placements (we have said 1 or 2 kids, ages 0-6, any race, special needs & legal risk OK). To our shock, we were informed a few weeks ago that we've been picked by birthparents for an infant due 12/10. Gasp! We hadn't planned on a newborn! Our first birthparent meeting is tomorrow. Like you, I'm reluctant to blog about it until we get this meeting behind us.

    Congratulations on your wonderful daughter and your new life together. We are quickly trying to get ready, and I would really appreciate your reviews so far on cloth diapers (which "system" did you go with?) and formula (what kind/brand are you using?). Thanks so much. I really love your blog, which I just learned about a few weeks ago.
    Thanks so much,
    Dawn in NC