September 18, 2009

New Due Date and Fabulous Co-Workers

I've been stressed at work because I was hosting a large meeting today for some donors. I felt like I had to get through this hurdle before I'd fully be prepared to be out of work. With the meeting out of the way, my lovely team kidnapped me for a lunch after the meeting. They took me to a lovely restaurant and showered me with lovely and thoughtful baby gifts. Funny, the most exciting thing was a sign that said "Welcome Nora Grace". It was so exciting to see the name that we (FINALLY) had decided on in writing. It made it feel so real. They also pointed out that this was likely my last Friday at work as I'm taking next Friday off for a visit from my sister. It was so sweet that I received such thoughtful gifts and that my colleagues were so sweet. (Funny aside, one of my colleagues is due in December and is looking lovely and pregnant and it was so funny to imagine the confusion at adjoining tables why I was the one opening all of the baby gifts).

I also received an email from our caseworker that K is actually due on September 24 and not September 28. It doesn't really matter as due dates are so arbitrary but that's in less than a week. Holy crap!!! I love that it's sooner rather than later since I'm so impatient. I'm sleeping with the phone right up by my ear these days. Hopefully, more fun and exciting updates to come.


  1. Congrats on getting through your meeting with all that must be flying through your head right now! How lovely that your coworkers threw you a shower. And I love the name, by the way. Can't wait to hear the big news!

  2. What a beautiful name you have chosen, and how sweet of your co-workers to throw you a shower! Can't believe it's less than a week until the due date, how awesome is that?!



  3. JEN! How funny that I got your message this morning about the 28th due date and already it has changed. I am so overwhelmed with excitement for you two. It will be great and you will be awesome parents. Nora is coming into a wonderful family and I can't wait to meet her. I hope you had a wonderful time at your baby shower and remember if you need anything or have any questions you can always ask. Get some rest these next few days.

    Lots of love,
    Brie, Dillon & Ayden

  4. What wonderful co workers you have. You deserve it! I can not wait to get the news that little NG is one her way into this world and into your arms!!! Prayers and hugs ;)

  5. I love the name you picked. I am excited for you. Less then a week you will be a mommy. Spoil your yourself for a couple of days!!LOL I look forward to Nora's birth story and beyond...

  6. Such a lovely name! Great choice. Your co-workers are awesome!! How very exciting that the due date is sooner than expected. We learned that the due date is LATER than we matter! Anyway, can't wait to read your updates...:)

  7. Holy crap!! I agree :)

    Congrats on great friends...a gorgeous name for what I am sure will be a gorgeous more Fridays at work...a fun baby shower!

    Can't wait to hear about Nora and her entrance into the world!

  8. What a nice thing for your co-workers to do for you. Less than a week away, can't wait to read all about Nora!