September 28, 2009

Sister Time!

I had a great time with my sister. It was so phenomenal to have her out here pre-baby and as much as I wanted the baby to hurry along, it was great to have that time with my sister.

She bought bambino the cutest baby outfit (as modeled by Joel) that we'll be bringing to the hospital with us.

We had a great girl day on Saturday while her husband was at the Great American Beer Festival. We went for a massage and then out to lunch. It was perfect.

I'll finish with my favorite quote from my sister that pretty much sums it all up. When I asked her why she was paying for my massage she said, "because you're a mess." Spoken like a sister and very true.


  1. Awwww...sister time is great! Glad you had a good time and a massage paid for by sis. What a great sister you have!

    Cute outfit!!

  2. That was great!!! Glad you enjoyed time with your sister. Sister's are wonderful.

  3. I can hear her say that! Cute Owl top! Sending good thoughts. Be prepared for a week or so wait out. I have read that first time Moms are typically late, but you NEVER know! Love, SLA