September 23, 2009

New Due Date - Old Due Date

So, my caseworker called me today and K's caseworker had not mixed up the due date after all. K is due on Sept. 28 and not tomorrow, Sept. 24. I know 4 days doesn't make a difference and babies come when they want. But, sometimes these arbitrary dates are all that you have and when you've been waiting, four days in the opposite direction seems really annoying. So, I scrubbed the hell out of my bathroom floor while prepping for my sister to come and feel much better. It, honestly, really doesn't matter, but it just reminded me of how out of control I am at the moment and sent me on a little tail spin. I know four years of infertility should have taught me this, but, again, I'm a slow learner.

On a happy note, my sister is here!!!! Hooray!


  1. Oh crap, that sucks. It's great that your sister is here to help distract you a little bit longer!

  2. Argh! Hope you have a fun time with your sister before you have to go into full-time baby mode.

  3. It must be fustrating...hang in there. I hope you enjoy your time with your sister.

  4. The feelings you are having are ironically the same I had waiting for Emma to arrive. I stopped working a week before my due date. It was then that the anxiety of waiting set in. I felt bored, anxious, annoyed and on edge. I felt happy thinking about her coming and scared if everything would be ok then back to misrable. Your sister being there will make all the difference.
    The one and only bible verse I know is
    "be still and know that I am God"
    To me it means that God wants me to quiet my mind and body and release my anxiety, knowing that he will take care of me. I tell myself this when I feel like things are out of control and I'm having axniety. It helps me, so I just thought I would share that with you.
    We Love You Jen, we are all thinking about you everyday also waiting anxiously along side you.

  5. How annoying! In the grand scheme of things, what's four days? ;) Have fun with your sister!

  6. Have fun with S! Give her a hug for me and know that we are thinking about you and sending good thoughts. Many of us are counting down with you. Don't worry about the dust bunnies either! You won't care when you have bambino home. There will be other things to worry about...bottles, sleep, getting out for coffee! love. SLA

  7. You're not a slow're going through an incredibly dramatic experience and HUGE change!! When there is NO control at times like this, it is only human nature to get a little out of sorts.

    Thinking of you TONS, and hoping/praying that the baby comes soon!!



  8. I know how frustrating it is. We were told our son's birthmom was going to be induced about 2 weeks early. Then it became 1 week early. Then it ended up about a week and a half early. We didn't know what to think, but eventually he got here and the rest is history. The 28th will be here before you know it. Enjoy the last of your free time and have fun with your sister!!

  9. I'm a bit late posting and now it's 2 days to go! Enjoy your time with your sister! Bambino will be here soon;)