June 16, 2009

House Search

Yesterday we went out looking for houses and I found a house that I love. It went under contract and I was heart broken and it has come back on the market again. It's in my ideal neighborhood and is an amazing house built in 1905. It's one block from a beautiful huge park and a few blocks from the zoo. I vowed to myself that I wouldn't fall in love with anything so that we were actually getting a good deal. This house has a lot of interest and I'm really nervous about getting in a bidding war. I'm notoriously good at picking a great location and a hot neighborhood but notoriously bad for getting emotionally involved and not getting a good deal.

We looked at five houses yesterday but hated all of them but one (the one I LOVE). We only have 7 more to see today. I really hope that we find at least one other house that we even remotely like. The homes that we saw yesterday were horrible remodels and extremely over priced or they were on blocks where I didn't feel safe. This is why the housing market in Denver is ridiculous. There is no inventory of decent homes. Wish us luck - exactly one month to find a house - yikes!!!


  1. Wow! We're using the same agency and since we're on the cusp of getting on the list at #40-something...I've got to say I'm so excited to go back and read your archives about your experiences thus far. Over the past few months I've felt a little bit like I've been operating in a vaccuum (what did we do before blogs and message boards?) and I feel really lucky to have stumbled across your blog today.

  2. oops, I forgot to add, good luck on your house search. In these neighborhoods sometimes it takes tons of duds before finding "the one". Something we went through a few years ago.