June 6, 2009


It's so funny to be on the wait list for adoption and selling our home at the same time. I used to always jump when the phone rang in case it was "the call". Now "the call" has become the showing call that I'm anxiously awaiting or better yet, the offer call. Too funny!

Today will mark 12 showings in one week but no offers. We continue to receive the craziest comments from people. The one yesterday was that we don't have a porch. This should not have been surprising when they had to take an elevator to the 8th floor. Does the balcony qualify as a porch? So crazy! Anyway, I'm enjoying (hopefully) some of my last time on my balcony/porch updating my blog and enjoying the first clear view I've seen in awhile of Long's Peak and the Flatirons. Nothing to complain about today.

The baby front is stalled out which is fine with me. I'd love for baby to hold out until we're all settled. We're still at #12 this month but some families below us on the list have been placed. (This has been the case all along and does not bother me at all). So, still waiting for bambino but more impatiently waiting for a buyer.

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