July 16, 2011


I guess posting every six months is better than not posting at all. In all honesty, I should be working right now but the universe gave me a gift of a super long oil-change and the inability to connect to my work computer at the moment- so I'm taking advantage of the time to revisit this blog.

Nora changes by leaps and bounds almost daily it seems. She's 22 months and a toddler to the core. She's super active, chatty and fun but she also has her toddler moments complete with glaring at me and saying "no mama, mama stop!" We have our hands full but we wouldn't ask for it any other way.

I've been thoroughly enjoying this stage. Nora is so much fun and has such a happy and vivacious spirit. She is chatting up a storm and loves to point out everything in her environment. Her verbal skills are so incredible. She said her first completely thought out sentence today when she asked me, "Where did Bentley (our dog) go?". She's been saying "I love you" but that's more of a phrase that she knows and one that I, of course, love to hear often.

I've found that since she's turned 18 months I've been somewhat melancholy about how quickly each stage goes and how quickly she changes. I wish I had much more time to spend with her as I know that these days and moments are precious and are so short-lived. We're doing our best to fully enjoy all summer has to offer and create many fun memories along the way.

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