May 19, 2009

Adoption Friendly Workplace

Today my employer hosted an "Expectant Family Fair". It was exactly that- information for families expecting. I work at a large family-friendly non-profit organization and this was the first time they hosted the fair. I was really encouraged to see on the flyer that it invited "those expecting and those considering adoption". I'm not sure why they used the word "considering" but I thought that it was great that the flyer was so inclusive. There were representatives from HR as well as community partners sharing information about assorted benefits and discounts. I work for a hospital and they even offer car seats at cost and have professionals who will ensure that they are installed correctly. It was a great idea and nice to see that they were conscientious of their employees who are adopting. They also offer a $5,000 adoption credit for employees with the logic that that is the same expense that they would spend on pre-natal care for an employee. Bravo to them for realizing that many of their employees are creating families through adoption.


  1. I'm impressed!

    You should give this a Thumbs Up in Adoptive Families magazine. Just email this info to to encourage other organizations to be so adoption friendly.

  2. That is awesome, and it feels so good to be acknowledged appropriately! My husband's company also offers the $5,000 credit, which is a huge help with the fees. We are very lucky - I don't think that many companies do this.