May 1, 2009

Moving On

I think our potential long shot was just that - a long shot. I wasn't feeling hopeful about it so it wasn't necessarily a let down. One blessing from our false alarm in January is that I'm not quite as easily excited and can try to approach things a bit more pragmatically (unless of course it is a call from our agency).

The prospect for baby is looking slow. I've talked to our caseworker and they are really slow right now with birthparents. I was feeling a little bit optimistic for this summer but I'm now not trying to predict anything. I think it's going to be awhile.

So, we've decided that there's no time like the present to move. We've been dragging our feet because we've been nervous about getting a call mid-move but I feel like we just need to do it. Interest rates are low, units are flying in our building and it's nice to be making some sort of decision, movement and change in our lives.

We're of course nervous that we're going to sell our place and not have found a house. I'm convinced I'm going to be homeless living in my old bedroom in my parents' house when we get "the call". (Not that there is anything wrong with my parents' house but that wasn't part of what I envision when I take baby 'home').
Luckily, this won't cause any issues with our adoption as our caseworker can quickly certify wherever we might be living. She told me that if it were not just a temporary situation that they'd have to reevaluate. I assured her that we'd certainly have to reevaluate as well.


  1. It sucks that things are going so slow right now. What part of town are you guys looking to move to?

  2. We're looking in Central Denver. We're currently in Cheesman Park in a condo and we're looking to move to Whittier, Park Hill or City Park North. This changes daily, but that's the plan for now:).