May 14, 2009

One Year and Waiting

We have been so busy that I feel like I'm perpetually a couple of days behind in my postings. I think this is most apparent in the fact that I neglected to acknowledge our one year anniversary of being accepted into the adoption pool. On May 12, we've officially been waiting one year for bambino.

If you look at past posts, I've been plenty whiny about the fact that we've been waiting. Being matched in January has made the wait seem a bit longer. We also received a call a couple of weeks after being accepted about being profiled to a mother. I think these calls set us up to have unrealistic expectations about how quickly this process would go. We were told by our caseworker that it would take a year to a year and a half so we're well within that range.

We asked our caseworker not to tell us if we were being profiled. I couldn't handle that roller coaster so we don't really know if we've just not clicked with the right mother or if the agency is really slow. It's so hard to tell.


  1. That's a tough call -- to know or not know when you're being considered.

    Abiding with you during this wait, Jen.

  2. I understand how hard this is for you. I had a love/hate relationship with our agency's policy to let us know every time we were profiled. On one hand it was nice to know there was at least some activity, but at the same time, the ups and downs that came with that were really hard to handle. I hope your time comes soon!


  3. Hey girl. Thanks for commenting on my blog. I've been reading about your journey and I hope to hear you get "the call" really soon. Every moment of waiting is sooo worth it. I look forward to reading future posts....