May 10, 2009

Mother's Day

I'm waking up to a cloudy and overcast Mother's Day. I've been a bit worried about this day for awhile. We were approved for adoption the day after Mother's Day last year. It made Mother's Day last year a happy holiday. For the last four years, Mother's Day is always a bitter-sweet day for me. Of course, I'm so grateful for my mother, grandmother and mother-in-law but it's also a hard holiday when you so desperately want to be a mother yourself. Last year I felt like I could cautiously celebrate this holiday. I also felt like I would certainly be celebrating with a child of my own this year.

I thought this day would be hard because it marks two milestones- Mother's Day and a year that we've been waiting, but, I'm not feeling particularly disappointed today which I'm very grateful about. I know my turn to celebrate this day will come. So, I'd like to wish everyone a happy Mother's Day - especially those who have had to go through so much to celebrate this day.


  1. Oh Jen. You are going ot be such a great mother, which you will appreciate more than most moms, because you have had to wait so long. You are so positive and brightly awaiting your little bundle, I just know that you are already a mother in spirit, maybe your little baby already picked you out from heaven but all the details need to worked out before he/she can join you here on earth. It's coming!! I think you should celebrate yourself today anyway!! So Haooy mothers Day Jen!! You Mama You!!

  2. Hi, Jen. Thinking of you today. Glad to hear you're moving on up...things can change so quickly.