May 30, 2009

A Good Showing

We've had three people through our place in the last couple of days and have one more today (but hopefully more). Things are off to an encouraging start! We've even seen a few houses in the neighborhood that we can afford and that are in a good location. Things might come together.

The best part is hearing the feedback from the other Realtors. Most of the feedback has been what we expected. But, we got a really funny comment last night. Our place is in a great location. You can walk downtown and to one of the cities nicest parks. The inside of our place is nothing to write home about. It's updated and clean and adequate but the real selling point is our view of downtown and the front range from our balcony and bedroom. We had one realtor come back that said that her client liked the place but didn't think the view was all that great. This made us laugh. The only good thing about our place is the view. (Hopefully no prospective buyers are reading this).

1 comment:

  1. just found your blog...though..ahh not even sure now...but my husband and I are waiting too....good luck...
    great blog by the way....loved your selfish post and I totally agree with you...some people think and say the craziest things...

    m :)