May 24, 2009

The Ever Changing Second Bedroom

We are just about to put the last load of items into our movable storage unit. The last load is the crib and the few baby items that we have purchased. This is a precaution just in case we get "the call" and have to dig through a 16 foot trailer.

I think the funny part of adoption is how you must always be prepared without having any idea of the timing. I was bitterly laughing that we've been living in a one bedroom condo for the last eight months because we turned the office into a baby room. We're now moving out of our two bedroom condo and turning the baby room back into an office. How great would it have been to have had all that extra space for eight months!

I don't regret having the baby room assembled. I think it was important emotionally and psychologically for me to feel like I was actually going to have a baby. Seeing baby things and a crib and changing table made everything more real. You'd think that seeing this every day would actually be depressing, but, I think most days it just made me hopeful and excited for what was to come.

However, now that we're at moving/staging day, it feels so silly to have had a baby room that was never used that we are disassembling to move to our new place. The hopeful and exciting part of this is that when we do assemble the new baby room we know that there will definitely be a baby in it!


  1. It is good to be prepared during this time since you don't know when you will get the call. We are going to start assembling the nursery this summer which means we will be taking apart an office as well. I like the way you pointed out that this helps emotionally as well!! Have a good holiday!

  2. So true!

    Our room remained horribly stark until "The Call" came. In the fost/adopt world, having an age range of 0-5 was not conducive with shopping. It would KILL me to cruise the baby and children's sections at Target or Kohls... I was itchin' to spend! LOL!

    I have faith the new room will have a baby, too! :o)