May 15, 2009

Annual Home Study

Today our caseworker is coming over to update our information and perform our annual home study. The timing of this is somewhat funny as we have decided to move. The room that we had dedicated as the baby room for the last eight months is now being turned back into an office so that we can put our place on the market. Right now it is a staging area for boxes that are going into storage. I think I'd normally be nervous before our home visit, but, our caseworker is great and I'm much more comfortable around her than I was the first time. I'm also not as nervous because our house is in chaos and there is really nothing to be done about it since we are moving.

I'm so glad that we have decided to move. It feels great to be making some sort of change in our lives right now and we desperately need the space. I keep hoping that we are in the process of unpacking the last box at our new place when we get "the call". Fingers crossed.

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  1. I saw that you visited my blog and I'm just now getting around to checking out yours....similarly, we moved to our new home in December and updated our homestudy in March. About 2 weeks before our move, we received a call about a birthmom who was interested in us, but it turned out that it wasn't a good match. Our profile shouldn't have been shown in that situation. That was the closest we've gotten to a match (which I realize isn't even remotely close), but funny that it happened when I was going out of my mind packing up the house...hehe Moving is a really great distraction! Here's hoping you get "the call" soon! Good luck with the move...